About the Faculty

Alphabetical listing: The names below link to a personal faculty page with details about areas of expertise and contact information.

Rolena Adorno - Reuben Post Halleck Professor Spanish & Portuguese

Emily Bakemeier - Deputy Provost for the Humanities

Marisa Bass - Assistant Professor, History of Art

Paola Bertucci - Associate Professor of History and History of Medicine

R. Howard Bloch - Sterling Professor of French

Leslie Brisman - Karl Young Professor of English

Paul Bushkovitch -  Reuben Post Halleck Professor of History

Ardis Butterfield - John M. Schiff Professor of English

Judith Colton - Professor Emeritus History of Art

Edwin Duval - Professor of French

Carlos Eire - T. L Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies

Roberta Frank-  Douglas Tracy Smith Professor of English

Paul Freedman-  Chester D. Tripp Professor of History

Roberto González Echevarría - Sterling Professor of Hispanic and Comparative Literature

Bruce Gordon - Titus Street Professor of Ecclesiastical History

Emily Greenwood - Professor of Classics

Karsten Harries - Howard H. Newman Professor of Philosophy

K. David Jackson - Professor of Spanish & Portuguese

Maija Jansson - Research Affiliate History

Jacqueline Jung - Associate Profesor, History of Art

David Scott Kastan-  George M Bodman Professor of English

Christina S. Kraus - Thomas A. Thatcher Professor of Latin

Noel Lenski - Professor of Classics and History

Lawrence Manley - William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of English

Joseph Manning - William & Marilyn Milton Simpson Professor of Classics & History

John F. Matthews - John M. Schiff Professor of Classics & History, Emeritus

Giuseppe Mazzotta - Sterling Professor of Humanities for Italian

Mary Miller - Sterling Professor of History of Art

Alastair Minnis - Douglas Tracy Smith Professor of English

Isaac Nakhimovsky - Assistant Professor of History

Robert Nelson - Robert Lehman Professor History of Art

Catherine Nicholson - Assistant Professor of English

Steven Pincus - Bradford Durfee Professor of History

David Quint - Sterling Professor of Comparative Literature and English

Ayesha Ramachandran - Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature

John Rogers - Professor of English

Ellen Rosand  -George A. Saden Professor of Music

Christopher Semk - Assistant Professor of French

Nicola Suthor - Professor, History of Art

Francesca Trivellato - Frederick W. Hilles Professor of History

Anders Winroth - Forst Family Professor of History

Keith Wrightson -  Randolph W. Townsend Jr. Professor of History