Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements for the combined degree in Renaissance Studies vary slightly to accommodate the requirements of each of the participating departments, but all candidates for the combined degree are expected to meet, at a minimum, the following requirements:

Students must demonstrate a reading knowledge of Latin, Italian, and a third language, which will vary according to departmental requirements. At the minimum, an examination in Latin or Italian should normally be passed upon entrance; a second language should be passed before the third term; and a third language by the end of the second year. In some cases, students may petition to substitute Italian with another language.

Each student is required to take sixteen term courses (in History of Art, fifteen). The normal pattern is to have completed fifteen courses during the first two years of study, no more than two of which may be Individual Reading and Research.

A two-term core seminar, designed to present a wide range of topics concerned with Renaissance and early modern culture, is required of all combined degree candidates. This course, offered every other year, is open to students from other departments.

Pre-dissertation requirements vary slightly among the nine different combined degree programs, but all students are required to pass qualifying examinations in their prospective departments and also in Renaissance Studies.  All students are also required to write a dissertation prospectus and to convene a minimum of three faculty in a colloquium, to assess and accept the prospectus. For specific requirements, see Individual Departmental Requirements.

Upon completion of all pre-dissertation requirements, including the qualifying exams and the prospectus, students are admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. “Admission to Candidacy” must take place by the beginning of the fourth year of study. The topic of the dissertation will be in the student’s area of departmental concentration but should be treated in the light of the student’s cross-disciplinary training.

The dissertation will be submitted unbound to readers by March 1 or September 1, or preferably earlier. The Graduate School’s deadlines for submission of dissertations are September 15 and March 15.

Master’s Degrees

M.A. (en route to the Ph.D.) The Master of Arts degree is awarded upon completion of the M.A. requirements in the student’s department of concentration.

M.Phil. (en route to the Ph.D.) The Master of Philosophy degree may be requested after all requirements but the dissertation have been met, that is, after meeting all course requirements,  having passed the comprehensive exams and having the dissertation prospectus accepted.